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Ontdek de schoonheid van Lingewaard-Overbetuwe

Discover the beauty of picturesque dikes and the river area of Lingewaard - Overbetuwe. Be surprised by the friendly area. Lunch at Doornenburg Castle or a bite of culture at 'Dijk van een wijf'. Continue rural inland towards the Overbetuwe through an area characterized by agriculture. 

Day program

Individually or with friends and family

From €37.50 per person

Along the way you will encounter the history of the Second World War, you can visit bunkers, drive part of the liberation route. Prefer to enjoy nature? Take a walk on the Hemmen estate or get a breath of fresh air at the Watergoed beach park.

Max. 40 personen (4 personen per 2CV)
€ 150,- per auto

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