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Terms and Conditions

Duck rental NYMA is a partner of the 2CV4U foundation. Both operate from the same location. Where possible, the rental activities are combined with the objectives of the foundation.

The 2CV4U Foundation operates a restoration and maintenance workshop for the deux cheveaux and similar, which functions as a work placement company.  The workshop provides work placements that are provided by the Municipalities in the Nijmegen region under the Participation Act. offered. Practical learning leads our participants to regular paid work or training. We also provide internships for secondary special education at various schools in and around Nijmegen.

The workshop specializes in one particular type of car, the Citroën Deux Chevaux (2CV), which is also known in the Netherlands as the ugly Eendje.  2CV drivers from far and wide know where to find us for a minor or major maintenance. Professional quality at competitive rates.

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